Self-Rating Scales

If requested, please download and print out the following self-rating forms, fill them out and bring them to your appointment with Dr. Leifeste.

I. Family Tree

II. Bullet-Point List of All Treatments and Strategies Attempted to Date


A. ADHD Rating Log

B. ADHD Child Self-Rating Scale

C. ADHD Parent Rating (Vanderbilt)

D. ADHD Teacher Rating Scale

E. Medication Effects Rating Scale - Homework/Project

F. Medication Effects Rating Scale - Adults 

G. DBD Rating Scale

IV. Mood Disorders

A. Mood & Anxiety Log

B. Childhood Depression Inventory

C. Depression Self-Rating Scale for Children

D. RADS For Teens

E. Youth Mania Screener-Self Report

F. Childhood Mania Rating Scale

G. Beck Depression Rating Scale

H. Hamilton Depression Scale-Adult

I. A Self-Assessment Tool for Mood Swings

J. Bipolar Monthly Mood Chart (BMMC)

K. MGH Antidepressant Treatment Response Questionnaire (ATRQ)

V. Anxiety

A. Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Disorders (SCARED) Youth Version

B. Youth Anxiety Ratings-Parent (SCARED)

C. Hamilton Anxiety Scale-Adult

D. Social Anxiety Scale (Liebowitz)

VI. Other

A. Child OCD Rating Scale

B. MOVE Survey

C. OCD Patient Self-Evaluation

D. Rush Chemical Screen