Philosophy of Treatment and Understanding of My Patients

I strive to understand you from three main perspectives: your biology, your psychology, and your interpersonal-social dynamics.

My residency training and child psychiatric fellowship at the University of Colorado Medical School was deeply rooted in a psychodynamic understanding of the individual with an emphasis on one’s relationships and medical condition.

Thus, with children and adolescents, my initial evaluation includes both a meeting with the entire family and an individual session with the child. With your permission, I will talk with all other professionals involved to gain a breadth of understanding of both the current situation and its history of evolution.

Once I share my diagnosis with you, we will collaborate on developing a treatment plan. This may include options of academic assistance or new strategies for a student’s performance, family or parent counseling, medications, individual therapy, or coordination with other resources in our community.

Your autonomy and the importance of your active participation in our collaboration for your improvement are encouraged with careful respect.