What to Expect

Your first contact will be by phone with my administrative assistant Jessica Koepf at 303.444.3443, ext 7. She will schedule your first appointment with me and answer any questions you may have about my procedures.

Jessica's email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Initial paperwork will include a HIPAA Privacy Practices Form, a Patient Information and Consent to Treatment Form, and any release of information for professionals you may want me to contact. These forms are available for download on this site under Intake Forms. You may either complete these and bring them to your first appointment or come 10 minutes before your appointment and fill them out in the waiting room. The optional Intake Forms of Mood Rating Scale,  and Family History & Strategies Attempted will also be useful early on in my evaluation.

With youth, I generally begin with a family meeting, followed in about a week with an individual meeting. The third session is with the parents to discuss my formulation and recommendations. This sequence is flexible, as the parents or the child may prefer to speak with me privately for the first appointment. Between appointments, I will ask you to complete rating scales. I will contact any involved professionals at your request.