Services Offered

I offer psychiatric treatment for children, adolescents and adults including initial psychiatric evaluations, consultations/ second opinions, medication management and a range of therapies. I am a participating provider with some insurance companies. Check with my assistant, Kate Polk (303.444.3443) for details.

Patient fees are based on a rate of $225 per 45 minute session for ongoing treatment. Child and adolescent evaluations are usually performed in three sessions with the first appointment being 60 minutes ($300), and the other two sessions typically 45 minutes ($210 each).

Adult evaluations are generally two sessions; the first a 60 minute session and the second a standard 45 minute session. Medication management appointments are typically 45 minutes.

We will attempt to perform any insurance/managed care reviews and Prior Authorization appeals during your covered session time. Time requested outside of appointment time will be your out-of-pocket responsibility.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and personal checks.

Dr. Mark Leifeste, M.D., 4770 Baseline, Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80303