Services Offered

I perform an initial evaluation or consultation to ongoing treatment. After 2 or 3 sessions of evaluation, I will initiate then optimize treatment, and determine when our work together may best be transferred to a more long term professional

Later, I will help arrange appointments with therapists and doctors whom I trust would be most appropriate for your long-term needs. I will also contact your primary care provider to integrate treatment with your medical care.

Most appointments are usually for 45 minutes and billed for $300. Patient fees are based on $400 per hour. My fees are your personal responsibility.

Adult evaluations are generally two sessions; the first a 60 minute session and the second a standard 45 minute session. Medication management appointments are typically 45 minutes.

We will attempt to perform any insurance/managed care reviews and Prior Authorization appeals during your covered session time. Time requested outside of appointment time will be your out-of-pocket responsibility. This time and expense includes telephone, collaborating with your professionals, performing prior authorizations, and other responsibilities separate from our face-to-face appointment time.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and personal checks.